Friday, 3 June 2011

Malaysia's No.1 Premium Beautiful Lingerie

Do you want a body like them? You can with the Premium Beautiful.
Saudari ingin tubuh badan seperti mereka? Saudari boleh dengan Premium Beautiful.

Memberi kesan secara serta merta dengan selamat tanpa memerlukan pengambilan ubat, melakukan pembedahan dan senaman.
Ensure that you can achieve immediate desirable results safely without medication and surgery.

Reduce inches from your waist line.
Kurangkan berinchi-inchi dari pinggang anda.

Measuring the size of breasts and section below it

Showing the correct way of wearing the Premium Beautiful

The sizes

The prices

Simply fill the details below and post to:
Robert Rizal Abdullah <>
I agree to pay the total amount, charged according to the Card Issuer Agreement and to the terms and condition therein.
The amount of charges recorded herein are incurred by me subject to the terms and conditions of my Agreement with the Card issuer and receipt of merchandise and / or service is hereby acknowledge by me.
*** Kindly, download the Online Order Form here. Please save and email to me as an attachment. Thank you.
Important Terms & Conditions
1.   This Moto Transaction Authorization Form shall be a conclusive binding document / evidence of proof of a transaction transacted by the card holder, and the card holder shall not at anytime deny such transaction.
2.   The Stockist shall be responsible to ensure that the transaction is transacted by the card holder bearing in this form and shall indemnify Hai-O at all time.
3.   The amount charged which is disclosed herein shall be a conclusive binding evidence of amount payable to Hai-O.
4.   Any trasaction disclosed in this Form shall be irrevocable transaction by the card holder and / or the Stockist.  

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